Modine | Applied Thermal Innovation Technical Support     

Welcome to the Modine Technical Support web site.

Based on feedback from our customers and partners we have launched this web site to make it easier to find information about your Modine products.

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the Technical Support site.

What is the Service Parts Locator and How do I use it?
The Service parts locator is a service tool that we provide to the public to view valuable information about their Modine products.

From the home page you can find Modine products by selecting directly from the list, or selecting a Modine product category. If you selected a category you will be taken to a list where you can select from all the Modine products within that category. If you selected a product you will taken directly to that product's page where you will see an exploded view of that product and a list of all the parts involved.

From the product page you can view additional information on each part by selecting the part number link. You can also save that product to your cart for submission to a trusted Modine parts wholesaler that can fulfill your order.

At any time you can view the products that you have in your cart by selecting the View Cart link. You may also select a preferred or local wholesaler and save that setting so that you can print your cart for submission through mail, fax, or email.
I see a note called Control Code next to certain parts. What is a control code?
The control code is the last 2 digits of your model number. It allows us to determine additional details about your Modine product. This information relates to the gas and gas valve type contained in your Modine product. Please see this diagram for additional information.